Finding Premium Kids Clothing Labels without Paying a Premium Price

The new baby is born and the first thing you do is run out to the store and buy a bunch of cute outfits for the child to wear. A couple of months later you are headed right back to the store and you still have not unwrapped half the kids clothing that you bought on the first go round. You start to realize that your child outgrows clothes quicker than you can get them home from the store. The latest fashions quickly get traded in for the best deals.

It is tough to continue to justify spending $40-$50 for an outfit when they are only going to get to wear it a few times. If you pay that much for a piece of clothing for yourself, you expect to have it for years, not months. Now there is finally a place that allows you to get those quality clothes at no-name prices.

Growing Growing Gone is an online kids clothing store that is more about getting you the best deal than it is about competing with the corporate stores that are after every dollar you have. You can now shop at a store that will truly appreciate every dollar that you spend with them and save a ton of money in the process.

Growing Growing Gone was started by a mother that was sick and tired of being taken advantage of by the chains of kids clothing stores. There had to be a better way to find clothes and there definitely had to be a cheaper way to get clothes to parents of growing children. She found it and now she shares all of these great bargains with you at prices that will absolutely blow your mind.

If curiosity is getting the best of you and you want to see the incredible savings that are available, all you need to do is go to the Growing Growing Gone kids clothing site and you will see deals that will have your eyes popping out of your head. These are not $1 off sales, but prices that are almost if not more than half of what you see at the department stores.

nike-t-shirtNike has long been one of the most popular labels in sports clothing for both children and adults for quite some time. The problem is that you can’t touch a T-shirt for less than $15. It is hard to justify that kind of a price tag when it will be lucky to make it through the summer. Now imagine getting not one of those shirts for that price but 2! These are the kinds of deals that you are going to see at Growing Growing Gone.

In addition to being a great site for the best deals around, you are also going to find some very helpful hints about different challenges and situations that you will find in your daily life as a parent. As an experienced mother, Jenn has put her experiences down on paper for everyone to learn from. It is unlikely that you will see this kind of dedication to customer?s needs on any other site.

The next time you are in need of some kids clothing, take a second to check out Growing Growing Gone and take advantage of the great deals that are offered. You are not only saving money, but fighting back against Corporate America that holds a great deal of responsibility for the current economic crisis that we are in. Great clothes at great prices, maybe the department stores should sit up and take notes!


Cause Of Baby Hard To Sleep

Why do some babies have trouble sleeping

We followed the sleep cycle consists of:

  1. Light sleep and
  2. Deep sleep, then wake up and where we can feel calm.

Babies who have trouble sleeping do not usually feel calm when I woke from a sound sleep. It continues over and over due to how they are put to sleep.

Babies can be put to sleep in different ways.

  • Placed in the crib while still awake and allowed to sleep.
  • Rocked to sleep in your arms, let the baby fall asleep on his chest, swung in a stroller or be left asleep in her mother’s bed.

In these conditions, babies who are sleeping are moved to a crib. Upon awakening, infants were surprised because they do not know where his mother and why the swing stops. Imagine yourself comfortable in bed asleep and woke up sitting in the bathroom. Sure you are not surprised. So what is the solution? You need to buy an electric baby swing for him. The best baby swing will do the work for you.

Entering the age of 8 months, baby’s sleep cycle changed to 60 minutes. Babies have what is called separation anxiety will feel anxious when mama is not visible.

If the baby falls asleep when rocked her mother then moved to the bed, they will wake up an hour later a very frightened because her mother was not there. Babies cry, his mother came and swung back, and put the baby to sleep in bed because he did not know how else to calm her baby. These actions become bad habits and are called sleep associations.



Regular routines are a great way for your baby or toddler can sleep independently. Babies quickly learn the pattern that is often encountered, and slept in the same environment each night gives a feeling of safety and comfort.

Application of a bedtime routine is not only beneficial for babies, but also benefit you and your partner. Getting enough sleep at night to treat fatigue and gives parents a chance ‘adult time’ at the end of the day is also helpful for your relationship with your partner.

You can begin to implement the routines soon after the baby back from the hospital. Encourage your baby to follow a pattern of sleep is important. Eventually this pattern will become routine and infants learn from repetition. Remember, only need 3 days to create a habit.

When your child brought home from the hospital, the baby sling often interchangeably because all the guests wanted a turn. If your baby is obviously needed sleep or fall asleep while being held, to avoid saying impolite because snatch the baby from them, you can invite family or relatives to see how your baby sleep in bed. However, they have the potential to one day become your child’s caregiver and would benefit if they knew how to lull a baby.

The best way is to use a method of creating routines Eat / Play / Sleep. In the morning when the baby is awake, give eat first and then place the baby on the floor to play. Ages infant to determine how long they played before there are signs of fatigue. Watch for signs of fatigue and provide a response using calming techniques.

In the evening, after dinner, instead of time playing with a soothing bath. Take time to hug your baby and read a story or two. Baby massage with baby lotion is also useful to make the baby relax. Avoid over-stimulating your baby before bedtime or think that the longer the baby is awake, the more tired he is making it easier to sleep. Infants who are too tired always more difficult to put to sleep.

Time to Calm Your Baby’s Sleep!


Tips on Choosing Kid’s Toys

Now there’s a cute baby who fulfill the happiness of your family. With each passing month, the little one will continue to grow and thrive. One way to support its development is to choose the right toys according to age. Your baby is adorable and increasingly getting smarter. You’ll often be amazed by its development. At birth at the age of 0 months, babies can not see, then at the age of 1 month have started to recognize the face of his father and mother. Similarly with other developments when he was growing. You also often made ​​not wait to see the progress for the progress of the other little one.

To support the growth and development of infants through the award of stimulation, can be done by introducing a variety of toys. Not only children ages toddlers and young children who love to play, the baby was also happy to play. Many new things that will be obtained by the baby through the game, for example, parents can provide fine motor stimulation to the small. However, the selection of appropriate toys should be adjusted for age. Here is his review.

Toys for children aged 1-2 months

When a new baby is 1-2 months old, the little one was learning to recognize the faces of the people around him, the father and mother. She learned to recognize the voice and the music that is played. At this age, she can stimulate the ability to see and hear. The ability to see it can be stimulated by introducing a variety of brightly colored toys, such as red, yellow, blue, and green. Because infants at this age have not been able to do a lot of movement, the toy can be hung above the bed or baby crib. Meanwhile, the ability to hear, can be stimulated by introducing the dolls that can move and make a sound that will attract attention.


Toys for children aged 3-8 months

At the age of 3-8 months, the little vision is still quite short. He would be interested in contrasting colored objects that you do not move away from the vision. Let’s say you move the colorful toys to the left and to the right. You will see the little one glance to the left and right to follow the movement of the toy. At this age, is a good time to introduce games that can stimulate the audio and visual. Some toys you can introduce the little one at the age of 3-8 months are:

Colored toys

At this age the little one is happy to see the colorful objects that emit sound. You can hang these types of toys in her bed. This will stimulate the audio-visual responses in infants so that the desire to achieve it.


Mirror made of plastic

Recommend little one with a mirror made of plastic so it is safe for him. Take it and play-a-boo mirror. Peekaboo is once again able to stimulate the child’s ability to speak. Mothers also may introduce parts of the face in the mirror when a child.

Colorful balls

Not only boys who like the ball. Baby girl likes to see the colorful balls. Give the colorful balls for the Small to train it to recognize shapes and colors. It can simultaneously stimulate visual development in infants.

Toys for children aged 9-12 months

At this age, most children are adept at crawling and learning to walk with the creep and creep. Even at this age, some are already able to walk. Mothers should choose appropriate toys to stimulate their development. Toys of this type will support children’s ability to recognize vocabulary at this age because he was getting to know the name of the surrounding objects.

Toys that can be driven

Little has been happy to move anywhere and learn to walk. Choose toys that can be pushed to help the little one goes to hone skills. Toys that pushed this, such as cars, wagon toys, and others.

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