Cause Of Baby Hard To Sleep


Why do some babies have trouble sleeping

We followed the sleep cycle consists of:

  1. Light sleep and
  2. Deep sleep, then wake up and where we can feel calm.

Babies who have trouble sleeping do not usually feel calm when I woke from a sound sleep. It continues over and over due to how they are put to sleep.

Babies can be put to sleep in different ways.

  • Placed in the crib while still awake and allowed to sleep.
  • Rocked to sleep in your arms, let the baby fall asleep on his chest, swung in a stroller or be left asleep in her mother’s bed.

In these conditions, babies who are sleeping are moved to a crib. Upon awakening, infants were surprised because they do not know where his mother and why the swing stops. Imagine yourself comfortable in bed asleep and woke up sitting in the bathroom. Sure you are not surprised. So what is the solution? You need to buy an electric baby swing for him. The best baby swing will do the work for you.

Entering the age of 8 months, baby’s sleep cycle changed to 60 minutes. Babies have what is called separation anxiety will feel anxious when mama is not visible.

If the baby falls asleep when rocked her mother then moved to the bed, they will wake up an hour later a very frightened because her mother was not there. Babies cry, his mother came and swung back, and put the baby to sleep in bed because he did not know how else to calm her baby. These actions become bad habits and are called sleep associations.



Regular routines are a great way for your baby or toddler can sleep independently. Babies quickly learn the pattern that is often encountered, and slept in the same environment each night gives a feeling of safety and comfort.

Application of a bedtime routine is not only beneficial for babies, but also benefit you and your partner. Getting enough sleep at night to treat fatigue and gives parents a chance ‘adult time’ at the end of the day is also helpful for your relationship with your partner.

You can begin to implement the routines soon after the baby back from the hospital. Encourage your baby to follow a pattern of sleep is important. Eventually this pattern will become routine and infants learn from repetition. Remember, only need 3 days to create a habit.

When your child brought home from the hospital, the baby sling often interchangeably because all the guests wanted a turn. If your baby is obviously needed sleep or fall asleep while being held, to avoid saying impolite because snatch the baby from them, you can invite family or relatives to see how your baby sleep in bed. However, they have the potential to one day become your child’s caregiver and would benefit if they knew how to lull a baby.

The best way is to use a method of creating routines Eat / Play / Sleep. In the morning when the baby is awake, give eat first and then place the baby on the floor to play. Ages infant to determine how long they played before there are signs of fatigue. Watch for signs of fatigue and provide a response using calming techniques.

In the evening, after dinner, instead of time playing with a soothing bath. Take time to hug your baby and read a story or two. Baby massage with baby lotion is also useful to make the baby relax. Avoid over-stimulating your baby before bedtime or think that the longer the baby is awake, the more tired he is making it easier to sleep. Infants who are too tired always more difficult to put to sleep.

Time to Calm Your Baby’s Sleep!

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