Restrictions for Pregnant Women


“If you get pregnant again, do not often take a hot shower, Mom” ?? advice of a friend in Mrs. Lita. “Yeah, well do not have sex with her husband,” suggested another friend.

Ouch, really, a lot of really ban. This is not permissible, it is not allowed. Almost certainly the experience of Mrs. Lita has ever happened to you. Is it true that pregnancy is so many things that are forbidden to do? “And people get pregnant, right, is actually a healthy person,” said Dr.. Dwiana Ocviyanti, Sp.OG of Cipto Mangunkusumo, Jakarta.Berhati care clearly needs. In fact, needs to be done before pregnancy begins. Currently, prepregnancy counseling community has done a lot. “The goal is to prepare a healthy pregnancy. So they can avoid things that are not desirable. Especially those associated with habits, food consumption, and so forth, “said Ovy, Dwiana familiar greeting.

Well, that pregnant women do not always worried throughout her pregnancy we should recognize what can and can not while pregnant. What?


  1. Paint: For those who like to paint, this activity can still be done while pregnant. But, do not be too long or redundant, for example, throughout the day. Enough 1-2 hours every day.Of particular concern during the painting paint fumes can be inhaled for a long time. Because most types of paint contain chemicals. “Because it should be done in the open air painting to reduce the exposed too long to paint,” advises Ovy.
  2. Sex: Orgasms can cause miscarriage in pregnancy and cause birth at a young age pregnancy. But, it is not evident in normal pregnancy. “So, this activity one should not do. Originally there was no indication of abnormality in pregnancy, such as the location of the placenta below or bleeding. “
  3. Sport: If you are accustomed to routine and likes to exercise, during pregnancy can also be forwarded. Only sports that do not hazardous and risky, such as car racing, horse riding, jumping, whitewater rafting, and so on. But, do moderate exercise for 50-30 minutes, for example brisk walking, moderate exercise, or swimming. “Roads are the safest exercise during pregnancy.” Swimming was a sport that includes a small risk and can be performed throughout pregnancy. “Swimming can make your back feel good and the body becomes lighter, because the escape of the gravity.”
  4. Plane: May be performed before the gestational age of 7 months. Actually the baby was in trouble with the altitude and air pressure differences. To be more comfortable traveling by plane should sit on the edge of the “gang” so easily when going to the restroom. Use also a safety strap to sit comfortably, and use leg braces so as not to cause swelling and a small pillow behind your back.
    Traveling by plane is at high risk. When the bad air conditions, then the mother became stressed. Mother can be deprived of oxygen and suffered shortness of breath. While the baby needs oxygen. “If this happens in the final trimester, there can be premature labor or babies died in the womb.”
  5. Smoke: “Babies born to mothers smokers almost always have a low birth weight,” said Ovy. Smokers resulted in the baby’s mother gets less blood through the placenta, so that the substances in the blood slightly acidic. As a result the baby’s weight was lower than the babies of mothers did not smoke. Thus, during pregnancy even before pregnancy, activities that do not benefit should be stopped. Do not risk it, ma’am!
  6. Roentgen: Radiation should not be done, whatever the indication. All forms of radiation are potentially harmful to fetal development. At this time the fetus is in progress. “All types of radiation can disrupt cell growth. So there is a mutation of cells that can develop in the direction of cancer, disability and so on. “When required radiation, such as to find out a broken bone or dental x-ray, you should tell your doctor that you are pregnant.
  7. Sauna: During pregnancy this activity at all unpleasant. Moreover, performed in a confined space and hot air. While pregnant women, right, has a lot of evaporation from the body with frequent sweating. So, what’s the sauna?
  8. Bath night: Pregnant women to be aware of hygiene issues. If you do not shower, could arise because many pregnant women mushrooms sweat. “So, it is okay to shower the night of origin was shivering.” If you do not want to bathe, wash with a washcloth at least, clean the pubic area, clean area of ??skin folds danatau dental x-ray, you should tell your doctor that you are pregnant.
  9. Working at a computer: It has not adkehamilan. Moreover, radiation from the computer can be said to be very small. “So, okay home not too long.” Note also the posture, so as not complained of back pain. Try as often as possible to move. We recommend every 1-2 hours you perform other activities, such as a short walk or move the limbs.
  10. Driving When pregnancy is not a problem, you are allowed to drive. But, note the distance and driving time. Frequently change the position to relax their leg muscles. Do not put off the desire to urinate because mengemudi.Memasuki too engrossed in the third trimester of pregnancy, you need a driver. Enlarged abdomen will be difficult for you to drive properly. In addition, it also avoids the possibility of unwanted, such
    as contraction occurs when the middle of driving.
  11. Diet: Not good for the condition of mother and baby, because it can cause deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and other food ingredients. Diet should only be done with the approval of a doctor. Some pregnant women instead recommended a diet of certain food ingredients. “The goal, of course not lose weight, but that maternal weight did not increase excessively.” Abnormal weight gain while pregnant no more than two pounds a month. If you need to subtract certain types of food that can add excess weight, such as cakes, tarts, biscuits, fatty foods and sweets.
  12. Paint: Avoid contact with paint, paint thinner though just smell it. Because the substance contained in a paint can into the body. No wonder some people feel dizzy after the smell, especially for pregnant women. It is not known for sure whether the paint materials can be harmful to the developing fetus or not. But, of course prevention is always better, right?
  13. Cleaning and polishing materials: Contain chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream where the fetus is growing. Therefore, avoid direct contact with skin. We recommend using gloves when in work, you must use a cleaning or polishing materials.
  14. Hair Dyes: I have found no evidence to suggest the chemicals in hair dye is harmful to the fetus. But, on the other hand, hair dye was not proven to be safe at all. Thus, preferably while you are pregnant, postpone the urge to paint the hair.
  15. Cosmetics: Actually cosmetics contain chemicals, although the amount is very small. The content of mercury in cosmetics known to be harmful to the fetus. Therefore, consult the experts cosmetics safe for pregnant women.
  16. Stocking: Do not restrict blood circulation in the legs during pregnancy, because it can cause swelling. So, do not use stockings that wrap the legs tightly.
    We recommend that you use the stockings of soft material to wear when you feel the need to maintain the beauty and warmth in the air-conditioned room. Patients with varicose veins can still use the special stockings varicose veins.
  17. Shoe: The selection of shoes during pregnancy is more on comfort and safety. Because the body changes it is essential to avoid shoes that will burden the lower back and leg muscles. Like the high-heeled shoes can be risky slipped, fell and sprained foot.
    Similarly, flat-heeled shoes are preferred, it should also support the foot properly. Also avoid that can cause you to fall or slip. When buying shoes size slightly larger than usual, in anticipation of a swollen leg which is common during pregnancy.
  18. Alcohol: Should not be consumed at all. When women like to drink alcoholic beverages must be stopped before pregnancy occurs. There was no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Alcoholic beverages will be entered into the baby’s blood through the mother’s blood. While the fetal liver were not functioning optimally, then the drink will continue to circulate in the blood. In women who drank alcohol in excessive amounts, most will be at risk in infants. “It could inhibit the physical growth, brain and so forth so that the baby is born with physical defects, heart damage and mental retardation.”
    Although there are mothers who say, “I drink alcohol, my child it’s okay, really.” But all the research shows the incidence of stunted fetal growth is much higher in infants whose mothers drank alcoholic beverages. Thus, nature does not causative but a risk (at risk).
  19. Undercooked meat: Should be processed until done, because food derived from animals may contain bacteria, parasites, protozoa and even different types of worms. At half-cooked eggs can be found salmonella that can cause typhoid disease.
    Raw foods contain bacteria that can enter the mother’s blood and cause an infection, for example, Toxoplasma. “Well, all infections in pregnant women causes the disorder in infants. To find a blood test done. If you are infected, the doctor will do the best for you. “
  20. Pill: When not realize you’re pregnant, you may still take birth control pills. No need to worry too much, because birth control pills do not directly cause effects on the fetus, such as deformed babies.
    Moreover, synthetic hormones in birth control pills almost identical to the hormones naturally produced by the body. But, immediately stop after knowing you are pregnant.
  21. Caffeine: It’s okay, really, you drink coffee, as long as not excessive. But, remember, caffeine is a stimulant that affects and can increase the production of stress hormones. This increase leads to reduced blood flow to the uterus and the reduced oxygen reaching the fetus. Thus, consuming caffeine in large amounts is not good for you and your baby.
    While tea is not recommended in conjunction with vitamins / foods that contain iron. “The tea will inhibit iron absorption.”
  22. Painkillers: Do not take random drug! But, that does not mean if the pain should not take medicine, you know. Always consult with your obstetrician if you will be taking certain medications. Or, tell your doctor if you are pregnant, so she will write a prescription medicine that is safe for pregnant women.
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